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Services to keep your business in business...

Non-Contract IT Support:

Configure and Support Desktops

Server Migration and Administration

Call us when you need us.  Pay us when you use us.

Off-Site Data Replication:

Trust Wizard to protect your data with onsite RAIDs that replicate to duplicate equipment at our location via our fiber optic connections. Always know WHO has your data and WHERE it is.

Disaster Recovery Planning:

Fire. Floods. Tornados. Ransomware. Develop a plan of action for when disaster strikes.  We will help you develop, implement, and even execute a tailored plan to get you back in operation after a catastrophic event.

Forensic Data Recovery:

Hardware fails.  We can help get data back from drives that give out.  Our in-house services and outside partners can restore data and even meet chain-of-evidence requirements for law enforcement organizations.

airplane on fire
computer exploding
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