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How our Franchising Plan Works

First: Qualified Technicians

Wizard Electronics is seeking entrepreneurially-minded professionals with Computer Science or MIS backgrounds with degrees or certifications in the field.

Second: Low Up-Front Cost

With 3 levels of franchising options, you can be in business within weeks, not months.  

  • Level 1: On-site Service Only 

    • Work from home to service area businesses and individuals​

  • Level 2: Store Front for Drop-off Service​

    • Continue on-site options, but add a visible location for customer traffic​

  • Level 3: Full Product Showroom​

    • Add inventory for drop-in customers to make on-the-spot purchases​

Third: Do What You Love

We do the bookwork, you do the technical stuff.  Our accounting department will handle payroll, sale taxes, billing, etc.  This is covered in your 20% franchise fee.  

Fourth: Collaboration and Assistance

If you get in over your head on a project, you can call on other Wizards to come to your aid. You will be a part of a fraternal order that can help solve tough problems, create estimates for projects, and even assist on big jobs.   

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