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Wizards of our Order

Wizard Electronics was established in 1995 in College Station, Texas as DCM Computing Services by then college student Danny Morris.  After spending 17 years in industry as a software engineer with firms such as Rockwell International, Electronic Data Systems, and Texas Instruments, DCM Computing Services was reborn in Jacksonville, Texas in 2014.  Initially operating as an independent contractor for a company needing specialized software development, DCM expanded its service offerings as businesses and individuals expressed the need for knowledgeable, friendly, and competent IT services throughout East Texas.  DCM Computing answered the call, providing in-home and in-store PC repair, expanding into expert sales, network design, server migration, security camera installation and even TV repair service (since no one else in East Texas seems to be trying it).  

Now DCM Computing Services has taken the next step. 


As of September 2022, We are now Wizard Electronics, Inc.  We are ready to expand to bring our expert service closer to you.  Franchises and investment partners are welcome to join us on this ride.

Apply Today

Nothing available for direct hire at the moment, but we are alays looking for good prospects for when the time arises. 


We are, however, looking for partners who wish to start their own buiness but not do all that "business" stuff...  Check our our "Franchise" page for more details

Talk or Text: 903-721-2467

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