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Professional Computer and Networking Setup & Repair

Carry-in and on-site service available for home and business

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wizard staff
wizard staff

IT Solutions

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  • Keeping your business running with professional on-call support that comes to you when you need us

  • Home or Business

  • Software and Hardware sales, installation, training, and support

wizard staff
wizard staff

The Big Picture


Routers, modems, devices to beam internet across a lake...  We have the tech and the know-how to solve your communications problems


Both automated and personal scanning of your PC to see what is slowing it down.  Not everyone needs the cookie-cutter installations of cloud services and pop-up notifications that the operating system thinks we all want 


Box and rack-mount power back-up units to protect your expensive electronics from power surges and storms


Extend the life of your PC with memory upgrades and a new solid state hard drive. We can even do operating system upgrades without losing your 20 years of vacation photos


From robotic vacuum cleaners to light switches you can control from your cell phone, we can make your home rival any of the Jetson's neighbors


Programmable Harry Potter wands, Samsung 4K Smart TV's, DLP projectors, plasma balls...  You want it, we can get it.

wizard staff
wizard staff

#%*&$! Happens - Have a Plan

How long can your business be down before you are out of business?  Let Wizard's Business Services help you develop a plan to get the doors back open after the unexpected hits.  From off-site data backup systems to full Disaster Recovery Planning, we have the expertise to keep you in business.

destroyed computer
a photo of a computer with a virus
a photo of a roof collapse
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wizard staff
wizard staff

Cameras for Your Security

- High-quality night vision capabilities up to 100ft

- 4-16 camera base units

- 2-3 Terabyte hard drive for video storage

- Watch live feed from any cell phone or PC/Mac

- Receive motion alerts during configurable time frames

- Smart AI detects people & vehicles (ignores spider webs and moths)

- Systems come with full professional installation, setup, training, and support 

- Single stand-alone cameras available

a photo of security cameras

12 MegaPixel / 8 MegaPixel

Super-High-Def cameras

wizard staff
wizard staff

Electronics Repair

Fix your expensive equipment rather than trash it.  Most repairs are done in days rather than months. 


Computers, TV's, AV equipment - Let us try to keep it alive before sending to the plastics afterlife (its better for all of us).

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