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AI-Powered 4K Cameras for Your Security


Secure your peace of mind with Wizard Electronics: expert security camera installation to keep an eye on what matters most.

Check out Security Camera Installation

- High-quality night vision capabilities up to 100ft

- 4-16 camera base units

- 2-3 Terabyte hard drive for video storage

- Watch live feed from any cell phone or PC/Mac

- Receive motion alerts during configurable time frames

- Smart AI detects people & vehicles (ignores spider webs and moths)

- Systems come with full professional installation, setup, training, and support 

- Single stand-alone cameras available

a photo of security cameras

4K Ultra HD and 5X Optical Zoom & 128° Wide Angle

wizard staff
wizard staff

Disasters Happen - Have a Plan

How long can your business be down before you are out of business? Wizard Electronics can help you develop a plan to get the doors back open after the unexpected hits. 

Check out Disaster Recovery Planning


destroyed computer
flooded office
collapsed building
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wizard staff


Let US figure out what the problem is without putting a curse on YOUR wallet.

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