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Wizard University

We Offer Three Main Classes:

  • Beginners Programming Course

  • Computing Basics for Adults

  • Avoiding Online Scams and Spyware

All classes taught by UT Tyler Adjunct Lecturer and all-around fun guy: The Wizard

With a B.S. in Computer Science from Texas A&M University and a Masters Degree in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Tyler, Danny (The Wizard) is the founder and President of DCM Computing Services (1995) and Wizard Electronics (2022).  He is also active in local civic organizations, making the communities in which Wizard Electronics calls home a better place for families and children.

Beginners Programming Course

  • 2-hour classes

  • Mon-Wed-Fri

  • 10 AM-12 PM

  • 6-week timeframe

  • June 17 - July 26

  • $250 for the entire 6-week course

  • Pay in full at the first class

  • Learn Java programming

  • Windows-based PC/laptop required


By the end of this course, you'll know how to...

  • Breakdown coding problems into smaller, more manageable steps

  • Turn ideas into Java code

  • Create your own adventure game

Computing Basics for Adults

  • 2-hour adult classes

  • Learn computer basics

  • Learn how to become much more effecient using tricks only the experts know

  • Tuesday and Thursday afternoon

  • $75 per class


Avoiding Scams and Spyware

Learn to slay the online gremlins

  • 2-hour adult classes

  • Learn how to avoid online scams, spyware

  • Learn what tools work and which ones might be scams themselves

  • Tuesday and Thursday afternoon

  • $75 per class


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Thanks for signing up, we'll see you in class!

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